Messy Church is what is says on the label. It is great for people of all ages who do not want to go to 'traditional' church. It is very informal, full of fun, and very friendly. Most of the time we are involved in crafts or other activities, along with songs and a Bible story. We always finish with a meal, so it helps to know if you plan to come and join us.

If you want more information then please contact - - and we will add you to our mailing list.


Sunday 25th March is Palm Sunday, and we will hear the donkey's tale - not the donkey's tail - how he carried Jesus into Jerusalem. Will there be a real donkey at Messy Church? It will certainly be messy fun.

Join us in Pathhead Village Hall on Sunday 25th March at 3.45pm to 6pm.

 Its helpful if we know that you are coming so to book your place, follow the link: