Holiday Club 2019 - Funky Farmers

What an amazing week. The annual Holiday Club organised by Tyne Valley Parish Church in Pathhead was a great success again this year, with a new theme, Funky Farmers, set in Thyme Valley Farm. Cherry Blossom the Farm Manager was helped by over 50 young people to have an action packed week of fun, songs, drama, games, crafts, quizzes, keep fit, and messy challenges! Dandelion and Burdock the two Scarecrows added to the chaos with their antics. It ended with a super sunny BBQ on Friday afternoon.

The team of leaders were fantastic with nine local teenage helpers, and there were other people supporting in many ways. The Sunday Celebration showcased parts of the week, and there were loads of photo's for the families to see the fun that we had.


In 2018 there was a real 'Botch Up' in Pathhead

What did Norma make of the worms in the biscuit tin? Who helped Penny with her problems? Why did Lily make poly filler cakes? Why was Tom using a toy guard dog? Just some of the daily questions in the daily soap drama at Tyne Valley Parish Church Holiday Club. Each morning was also full of games, messy challenges, bible drama's, Ratty in his shed, quizzes and songs.

Bill and Basil, a comedy duo, did their best to keep things going at the 'Botch Up Ltd' building site, but made a real mess with decorating, bricklaying, plumbing, and joinery. However the Site Manager and the 54 kids fixed things for a great week of high energy fun.

Thank you to all the kids and parents for supporting the week and the church team of 25 volunteers and 10 teenagers who were great again this year. There were also a number of other people helping in the weeks before the Holiday Club, and working in the background. We are also grateful to Mary Leitch who wrote all the material.

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Round the Bend 2017

Tyne Valley Parish Church Holiday Club was a great success again this year. The kids enjoyed going 'Round the Bend' with Stan, Harry, and Mrs McBossy. Each morning there was a fun packed, high energy programme of games, crafts, songs, keep fit and drama. In the McCracker family soap, Susie tried to get the attention of wacky skateboarding Gran, DIY fanatic Mum, and Dad practising for the 'bake off'. All the problems were solved at the end of the week, and Susie managed to get on to the boys football team and was invited to Lizzy McCools party. Ratty appeared from his shed each day to talk to Stan and Harry, and explained what the bible drama's meant to our daily lives. Stan and Harry didn't have any cars to stick their parking tickets on, so they gave them to the kids and leaders who had to do messy challenges. It all sounds crazy doesn't it! and it was.




 Holiday Club 2016

Sniffer and Co, the Tyne Valley Parish Church Annual Holiday Club, was a great success again this year. Super Spy (Louise Spencer) led the young trainee spies (the children) as they helped Sniffer (Alan Cobain)  and Bungler (Robert Simpson) try to solve "the Case of the man called Jesus". Along the way the trainee spies had great fun with crafts, games, songs, challenges, and stories. The week ended with a sunny BBQ and Sunday Celebration.

The Holiday Club can't operate without a large team of volunteers who lead the teams, do the drama's, work in the background, paint, create the stage set, provide the food, and many other tasks. We also had some great youngsters helping this year, so THANK YOU ALL.



              Holiday Club 2015 - Clowning Around

About 50 children each day were kept busy with games, messy challenges, drama's, quizzes, and singing. They enjoyed the fun of the circus with Clown's Fred (Alan Cobain) Joey (Robert Simpson) and the Ringmaster (Louise Spenser), and a great team of leaders. The Clown's tricks kept going wrong and custard pies and eggs added to the fun. One day the teams constructed cars to cheer the clowns up, and with the building of a strong man's towers the children reached for the stars. There was a daily drama with Jack and Sally in the 'Monster Puppet show', in 'Behind the Scenes' we saw what had been happening in the daily soap opera about the circus, as nasty Nigel tried to take over the circus, but was foiled by Winnie and the others. It was all brought together with the bible drama.

The week finished with a BBQ, games and Zumba in Callander Park and a Celebration in the Village Hall on the Sunday where everyone was able to see photo's and parts from the weeks fun.