Data Protection

We, the Tyne Valley Parish congregation, have fully complied with the Church of Scotland, Lothian Presbytery and GDPR requirements, which for the record are:

1.      Appoint someone in the congregation to act as "lead" on data protection issues, read the available guidance and become familiar with what is involved to ensure compliance with the new law.

2.      Using the data audit template, review what data is held, how it is stored, why it is held and what the legal basis for processing it is.

3.      Put appropriate policies in place, including Privacy Notices.

4.      In the light of the guidance, decide whether you need to get explicit consent from some people before processing their personal data.

If you require further information or would like to see a copy of our GDPR compliany documents then please contact the Minister or the Session Clerk (contact details can be found on our Contacts page).